Innovation Management


Have you ever googled “innovation”?

Last time we did, we got 793.000.000 results in 0.49 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it? We see it differently. We think differently. Do you know what drives us? Good ideas that have the potential to change a whole market. And these are originating more frequently from East-Westphalia-Lippe.
140,000 companies generate a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of more than 75 billion euros here. This makes OWL one of the top 5 innovation regions in Germany and exceeds the economic strength of some other EU Countries, such as Estonia, Slovenia and Cyprus.
Ostwestfalen-Lippe is one of the success story and our objective is to write the next chapter with you. How do we do that? As a think-tank, we develop and implement innovation projects for medium-sized companies at our location in Gütersloh. You will get much more than just an “outside the box” view.

Think outside the box

… is the old trend! We not only think outside of rigid boundaries, but break them every day in practice. We are interested in groundbreaking and future-oriented developments and also like to try out theoretical ideas directly and practically. We call this “free play” in order to get the most out of the ideas. We don’t fear things we have never done before, but we enjoy new challenges. We like to rack our brains for other people and sometimes create the necessary freedom that a committed team needs to make innovations possible.


Talking helps!

Good communication is the foundation for a well-functioning project and that is an “old hat” for us. The ability to argue constructively with one another and to get to the bottom of the causes of errors openly and together – that is our basis for good innovation management. Communicating well for us is a matter of business culture and we love interacting with different cultures.

Working together: closely and in the long run

Whether as sparring partner at eye level or as an ace in the hole – we strive for long-term alliances with our customers. We have learnt, that realizing innovations often means breaking new ground for an indefinite period. And therefore good innovation management is for us the key to success. In this you are Edmund Hillary – and we would like to be Tenzing Norgay