Innovation Production

As soon as a good innovation is planned, it shall be produced and realized – and then suddenly a lot of “strange questions” pop up, why the usual processes don’t work anymore: Sales, customer service, logistics, invoices… nothing works like before. It is obvious who is responsible: the innovation is to be blamed.



Making things possible is more than just launching a new product or a new service. Our aspiration is to establish a customized production process so that the innovation has enough air to breathe. A lot of challenges stand in the way of an innovation – and we would like to support you to solve these challanges.

Just do it

Realizing innovations is often just a call to just do it. We like to start “unconventionally”. We prefer to take responsibility and think proactively. A lot of times we have experienced that the “unconvential” quickly turns into the new “conventional”.


Something extraordinary in Ostwestfälisch

With an average age of 30 years old, diverse native languages and the various different profiles on board, we are probably a little bit extraordinary for this region. And it is good like this – because we want to be the extraordinary sparring partner for our customers. We love chang.