Teu2tec was established in 2018 as a Start-Up company to make innovation a reality. Seems like it works.

Including our school interns, there are in total 28 heads, with 12 different mother language, that can do a lot of interesting things, which others can not do and have not done in a long time – and with an average age of U30 in the hear of Westphalia.

Teu2tec faces the challenge of successfully combine innovative ideas with technical progress with necessary change measures.

Offene Stellen

You can do something really well?

Great! We too.
We can make things possible.

and since the “Possible-maker (m/f/d)” has so far not existed as a recognized apprenticeship by IHK or as an accredited course of study, we always see things that you are good at. Whether engineer, digital artist, hacker, marketing guru or production all-rounder – and above all, whether (m/f/d) – we always like to meet new people who suit us!


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Would you like to get have a better understanding of the future career in the market place?


Regardless of whether you are still at school, looking specifically for your compulsory internship, or just want to get to know us – you can experience the professions that will be out in the future market. Many of our innovation projects revolve around creating new business models – and new business models automatically create new professions. Sound logical, doesn’t it?


“we-always-do-it-like-this” is also good.
But we like to do it differently.


Please send us your documents and we will try to make (almost) everything possible for you.

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Are you interested in an exciting, diverse and interesting job where you can help to shape our company? Then send us your application documents including the earliest starting date and salary expectations to jobs@teu2tec.de ! We are looking forward to your application!