Innovation happens here everyday.

Come and do it as well!
We are looking for people who think about the present as well as the future, day & night dreamers, who laid the foundation and lift the weight, party animals yet an “old hand”,
most importantly, who want to shape the future.

With us, you are not only sitting around and be in the office, but also contributing in!

Open Positions

Are you interested in knowing a few jobs that suit for the future?

Regardless of whether you are still studying in school, looking specifically for your compulsory internship, or just want to know us – you can experience the professions that will be out in the future market. Many of our innovation projects revolve around creating new business models – and new business models automatically create new professions. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

“we-always-do-it-like-this” is also good.
However, we like to do it differently here.

Please send us your documents and we will try to make (almost) everything possible for you.


You can do something really well?

Great! We too.
We can make things possible.

and since the “Possible-maker (m/f/d)” has so far not existed as a recognized apprenticeship by IHK or as an accredited course of study, we always see things that you are good at. Whether engineer, digital Artist, Hacker, Marketing Guru oder production all-rounder – and above all, whether (m/f/d) – we always like to meet new people who suit us!

Apply now!

Are you interested in an exciting, diverse and interesting job where you can help to shape our company? Then send us your application documents including the earliest starting date and salary expectations to ! We are looking forward to your application!