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Innovation Project Management


Do you have innovative business ideas?
We will develop the working plans and bring your idea to success.

Machine Services


Milling, water-jet cutting, 3D scanning or 3D printing,
we make your ideas possible with our machines.

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Water-Jet Cutting


We offer highly precise and cost efficient water-jet cutting services in East-Westphalia able to cut almost all materials.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Through creations in the virtual and augmented realities, we offer efficient and sustainable solutions for your projects.

Warehouse Logistics

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We provide effective warehouse logistic services. Together with you, we will develop a warehousing system that fits your processes and make it as efficient as possible. From cutting, packaging to the worldwide delivery, do it with us!

CNC Milling Machine

3D Motive

We are looking for the best solutions to mill your product. It doesn’t matter which materials you bring, we will be able to create your 3D product out of it.

School Projects


It is important to let our future entrepreneurs have ideas of various innovative jobs that do not exist yet. That is why we develop ideas together with students in project courses. Moreover, they can implement it at their school.

Actual Projects









Our Strengths


Special and unique 3D printing processes to meet your needs.

Waterjet Cutting

With a water-jet cutting machine, we cut almost all materials with very high precision.

VR // AR & 3D Design

From building a virtual world to print a 3D model – we provide the best results.

Building Information Modelling

We offer drone mapping, 3D scanning and other skills that you need to create a perfect BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Digital Logistic

Planning and executing the digital logistics for various products.

Business Planning Conceptualization

We support the creation of a new innovative company that is thriving in the market.

Product Design

It is our goal to create high-quality product designs and to make your special design requirements possible.


We cover everything from the process to the practical tools.

Projects with Schools

We work with schools and universities to familiarize the future entrepreneurs of the 4.0 industry.