Accuracy got highest priority when we waterjet. With millimeter precision we cut (almost) all materials from rubber mats to marble or steel.

This flexibility is made possible through different cutting heads and an optional additional abrasive system for firmer materials.
The 3D-cutting head of our machine makes cutting paths with complicated shapes and angles possible as well.

We can realize your personal ideas based on your data and develop the cutting files together and also give advice in the choice of the design.



With our 5-axes-milling machine, the HOMAG CENTATEQ P-600, we can shape your products perfectly.

In house we develop milling programs also for complicated shapes or use the data provided by yourself for the production –
this guarantees you and us the biggest flexibility for adjustments and speed in the realization. A wide selection of available tools guarantees flexibility in the choice of material.

With a milling area of 4000 x 2250 x 500 mm even big pieces will be produced easily.



Our plotter creates an exact copy of your file. With the paste-layer-method we can produce your motive large-sized out of elastic plastic.

With an area of 1500 x 2200 mm we “plotter” motives with an edge height of 10 mm – the created outlines are the perfect groundwork for your product.
No matter if you use it as unmodified prototype or filled with colored granules for a good looking floor – our worldwide unique machine produces the groundwork for your ideas swiftly.

Of course we will not leave you alone with the preparations! We would be happy to advise and support you with the preparation and creation of the needed data for the plotter.



We create time efficient models of your products with our 3D-hand-scanner.

Within minutes we can record a digital model and provide it for you as raw file.
We happily do the post-processing for you as well and send you the finished models for your marketing campaign!

Based on individual request, we can also come to you with our 3D-hand-scanner and take the records on-site – little effort for you with stunning results!



You need a negative-mold for your product or a different product from the vacuum-thermoforming machine?!
We would like to partner with you regarding the design and realization. With a usable area of 500 x 500 mm and a depth of 280 mm our thermoforming machine allows a various number of products.

You do not have a positive-mold for the thermoforming? No problem – we can produce the fitting piece for you!

Would you also like to realize your idea with our machines?
We are looking forward to your inquiry!